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Dec. 25th, 2011

Greetings - Cyfarchion

May. 2nd, 2011


 Fascinating article

Aug. 15th, 2010

Gaza 3

So a year later we sent another motion into the Wales TUC conference. This was an extract of the Boycott/Disinvest/Sanctions motion passed at the main TUC conference the previous Autumn.

So there should have been no problem...BUT!!!!! because I didn't make it explicit that the words in the motion were the same as the ones in the TUC motion, it was rejected - so no debate at Wales TUC, lol.

I did get a strong suggestion to re-submit next time, although by then the attempts to break the Blockade there will have garnered more support to the boycott/sanctions campaign.

Jun. 7th, 2009

Gaza 2

I went to the Wales TUC as a delegate from the trades council. I'd put in a motion condemming Israel for its attacks on Gaza. I thought it was fairly uncontroversial except for calling members of the Israel government - war ciminals. In my naivity I didn't realise that the part of the motion that would be opposed by the Wales TUC general council would be the bit mentioning a possible boycott of Israeli goods.

They did their best to stifle debate by setting it as the last motion to be discussed and when I introduced the motion the chair aggressively tried to cut me off at the absolute 5 minute point even though because I had chosen to make a contribution in Welsh I had to wait quite a while for people to put their headsets on, so I was short of time as it was.

The debate was short with two contributions in favour and none against but when it came to the voting direction from the General Council the vice president brought up not a principled opposition to the motion but some rubbish about how we couldn't offend the TUC's links with Histadrut and the Palestinian General Federation of Trade Unions by supporting a boycott, even though the Scottish TUC had passed a simlilar resolution a month previously.

We lost the vote, not surprisingly, but it looked about 60-40 bu show of hands which is closer than most votes opposed by the General Council in the control freakery way it stage manages everything.

Need more planning and preparation for next year's resolution.

Jan. 13th, 2009


So much has been said and reported, much of it the lies of the Israeli propaganda machine. Heard a report on the World Service of the BBC today that illustrates the constant pro-Zionist bias.

The general election authorities in Israel have banned the main Arab Israeli parties. This is the same general election that the murderous holocaust against the Palestinians was launched to influence. The so called democracy that the massacre of hundreds of women and children and civilian males was supposed to uphold.

So you would expect this to be a major story on the news bulletin. Of course not, it was a minor item where the representative of one of the Arab parties, a member of the Israeli parliament, was given a couple of sentences on a crackling phone line to oppose this decision while a member of some extreme Zionist group was given much, much longer to espouse the line that anyone who doesn't support the killings was basically a traitor and seemed to be coming close to stating the zionist view that all Arabs should be expelled from Israel.

As George Galloway states on Youtube in the coverage of the meeting in Euston a few weeks ago, BBC = Bush, Blair, Corporation, or their surrogates.

I missed the London demos, can't cope with such low temperatures, but this Sat I should make it to Cardiff.

Jan. 26th, 2008

Andy Palacio - Beautiful Music

Another great musician sadly died prematurely last week. I only heard about Andy Palacio when I turned the BBC world service on Wednesday and came across a discussion about the music Andy Palacio and the reference to his recent death.

This track is from his last, critically acclaimed album recorded in his native, threatened Garifuna language, only about 190,000 speakers.

The music can be sampled and downloaded from the fairtrade download music site.


Dec. 30th, 2007


Dec. 1st, 2007

Lesson from your past......It can be done again!!!

See the October 2006 post with another brilliant Redskins video. How amazing they were and how clever their lyrics are. Revolutionary history and potential in one song.

I am so bored with all the Respect navel glazing, although I can understand the bitterness of people being involved so closely. I felt similar about the demise of the Welsh Socialist Alliance.

Time to move on and address the bigger picture such as imperialist war, racism, attacks on our democratic rights and climate change.

Nov. 30th, 2007

UB40-Sing Our Own Song

Was just wandering the depths of youtube and came to this track, via about 10 other videos and reminiscences, lol.

Saw them in Harare in 1988, before Apartheid fell. I listened to their music more since then.

What great chorus 'We fight for the right to be free'.............

And what a great video, wow a white man singing a song against slavery in a completely multiracial band and audience..........fantastic!!!

Nov. 21st, 2007

Ian Smith - Good Riddance!!!

On the whole a time for champagne or something non alcoholic, we will definitely be toasting the death of the arch-racist, symbol for generations of right wing 'kith and kin' supporters in the UK.

Whatever the disaster that Zimbabwe now represents to ordinary people there it has to be remembered that the 2% white minority who stole the 50% of the land and 100% of the best land in the country and held it for a century are the root of subsequent problems. The recent efforts of the ruling elite in the country to hang onto their privileges to the detriment of the population is a process that was encouraged by US/UK support.

So raise a toast to the demise of another racist.

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